Asian Delight Gent

Asian Delight Gent conceptually is an extraordinary combination of Authentic Indian, Nepalese and Thai cuisine in one roof with verities of flavour, delicate seasonings, freshly ground spices, marinates and complex tastes. We offer delicious meals for all kinds of people, vegetarians and non-vegeterians, spicy, medium and mild seasoning food lovers.We aim to convey our passion in a way which gives a perspective on our guest for perfect ingredints technique and a desire to create food to appease our guest. We insure value of your money by consistency in taste, service, quality and quantity. The restaurant gives a casual and joyous atmosphere, where our guests can relax & enjoy the time with us.

If you’re looking for authentic and delicious Indian, Nepalese and Thai Cuisine, Asian Delight gent is the perfect location for lunch, dinner and takeaway. Feel free to contact us to make a reservation, takeaway or even for your celebrations.

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